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Fred Jopson (CAN)

Date of birth: 1919-05-22
Birthplace: Vancouver, BC, CAN
Raised: East Vancouver, BC, CAN
Date of death: 2017-04-12
All Positions: Canada Soccer Life Member
Profile Text Last Updated 2018-05-19
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Fred Ernest Jopson... married his wife Corinne Ryder in 1949... worked at the Boeing Plant... said nephew Geoff Jopson upon being named West Vancouver Citizen of the Year in 2015, uncle Fred was “a model of citizenship for me and indeed for all”... 
Canada Soccer’s Fred Jopson Trophy was introduced in 1995, one of the select All Stars trophies (the annual showcase ran from 1972 to 2013 and served either U-18, U-17 or U-16 age groups over the course of 42 years)... 
as noted in a 1995 program, “he was instrumental in building the B.C. provincial team program into one of the most respected development programs in North America”... 

For Sport

served as coach and manager at West Van SC Blue Devils... served as president of West Van SC... served as vice-president of North Shore YSA... attended the founding meeting of the Canadian Youth Soccer Association on 1 June 1969... served as chief administrator of the North American Championship (UCT)... 

Year Prize Honour
1996 Recipient / Récipiendaire BC Soccer A.C. Sanford Award
1988 Life Member / membre à vie (†) Canada Soccer Life Member
1977 Life Member / membre à vie BC Soccer Life Member


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