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Tony Evangelista (CAN)

Canada Soccer Hall of Fame

Date of birth: 1945-10-02
Age 74
Birthplace: Sora, ITA
All Positions: Hall of Fame honoured member
Former FIFA Referee
Profile Text Last Updated 2017-10-20
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Antonio Evangelista... speaks English, Italian, Spanish, French... he was 13 years old when his family moved from Italy to Canada... he was 23 years old when he started refereeing... attended Canada Soccer’s 1978 FIFA/Coca-Cola World Football Development Seminar in Victoria, BC (referees)... 
wrote Tony Evangelista, “soccer is a truly beautiful sport and I would really like to see more young people participate through officiating. it’s not always an easy activity, but worthwhile things rarely are”... said Dr. Fred Stambrook in 1992, Evangelista “has contributed significantly to the promotion of our sport”... 

For Sport

served on the FIFA List of Referees and Assistant Referees for 15 years (1977-91)... was appointed as a Referee at the Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Football Tournament... was appointed as a Referee at the FIFA Futsal World Cup Netherlands 1989... served as president of Toronto Soccer Association... 

Year Prize Honour
2003 Honoured Referee / Arbitre honoré Canada Soccer Hall of Fame
1992 Recipient / Récipiendaire Aubrey Sanford Meritorious Award
1982 Referee / Arbitre Ray Morgan Memorial Award


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