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Canada Soccer announces Club Licensing Program awards

Posted on 21 February 2020 in Canadian Soccer Association

Canada Soccer has announced an initial cohort of 13 Canada Soccer National Youth Club Licence Program Provincial/Territorial Youth Club Licence - Level 1 holders and eight Quality Soccer Provider clubs in Ontario, three Quality Soccer Providers in Manitoba and one in Nova Scotia. The announcement follows an initial cohort of 39 National Youth Club Licence holders in July 2019, and an additional 8 National Youth Club Licence holders and 13 Quality Soccer Providers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan in January 2020.

Organizations are granted Canada Soccer Club Licences for a period of two years and have created a collaborative work plan to ensure that they continue to meet the requirements and progress to further achieve the standards set by Canada Soccer.

The Provincial/Territorial Youth Club Licence – Level 1 of the Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program builds on the characteristics and behaviours of an organization in the Canada Soccer Standards for Quality Soccer with a balance of expectations across the governance, administration, infrastructure, and technical pillars. The characteristics and behaviours are designed to recognize high quality grassroots, community, and competitive organizations that have developed their governance and operations. Organizations achieving the licence demonstrate their commitment to quality and to providing an enhanced participant experience. 

Canada Soccer Quality Soccer Provider clubs must abide by the Canada Soccer’s Standards for Quality Soccer, designed to outline the minimum expectations of member organizations in Canada. It is expected that all member organizations provide a developmentally appropriate, safe, enjoyable, accessible, inclusive and welcoming playing environment for their participants, which differentiates it from non-member soccer and unorganized play. In order to be considered, member organizations must also be in good standing with their governing organization(s) and meet the expectations of membership.

Canada Soccer’s Club Licensing Program was launched in 2017 with the Canada Soccer Professional Club Licence. Canada Soccer announced the expansion of the program to youth soccer in 2018 in collaboration with Provincial and Territorial Association Members and incorporating international best practices.

More information on the Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program can be found at:

Provincial/Territorial Youth Club Licence – Level 1


Newmarket SC
Prostars FC
Brantford City SC
Chantilly FC Forever Academy
Barrie Soccer Club
Caledon SC
Oakville Blue Devils FC
Royal York FC
Guelph SC
Prime FC
Lasalle Stompers SC
SSE 90 Inc.

Quality Soccer Provider

1v1 Futbol Dreams*
A.K. Soccer Academy*
FC Northwest Inc.
Nova Scotia
Halifax City Soccer Club
KO Football Academy
NorWest Optimist SC
Olympic Flame SC
USC Academy Inc.
BRI Football Club Inc.
Bracebridge SC
East Gwillimbury SC
Alliance FC
*Provisionally approved.

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